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                  Santosh Bhattarai






I completed my Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma  under the guidance of Professor John P. Albert. I am currently working as a full-time Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Trocaire College, Buffalo, New York. The title of my dissertation is "Stability of solitary waves for some Schrodinger-KdV systems". I am originally from Nepal, a beautiful Himalayan country. Besides doing mathematics and teaching it, my hobbies are traveling, playing chess, reading science fiction books, listening to music and watching television. I am also interested in world geography and world history. 


Research Interests: My research interests are in Applied Analysis and Partial Differential Equations. Specifically, I am interested in well-posedness (local and global in time) and stability theory of nonlinear dispersive PDEs. In my current work, I have applied concentration compactness and convexity techniques to study the existence and stability of solitary waves for some nonlinear dispersive systems which arise in plasma physics and fluid mechanics. Publications/Talks