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Santosh Bhattarai






Originally from Nepal, I received both my Ph.D. and M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Oklahoma  under the guidance of Professor John P. Albert. I am currently working as a full-time Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Trocaire College, Buffalo, New York. During my years of teaching at different colleges in Nepal, the University of Oklahoma, and at Trocaire College, I have gained extensive experience in teaching at the undergraduate level. I enjoy teaching all levels of mathematics courses.


My research interests are in Applied Analysis and Partial Differential Equations. My research concentrates on the study of partial differential equations (PDEs) issued from mathematical models of a general class of physical phenomena known as nonlinear dispersive waves, especially equations modeling the effects of two or more dispersive waves. I investigate questions such as whether a PDE model has a solution and how it behaves, does such a model support localized travelling wave solutions? are localized solutions stable with respect to a perturbation of initial data? I study these topics using the framework of functional analysis. In the past, I have studied systems related to birefringent optical fibers, spinor Bose-Einstein condensates, capillary-gravity surface waves, and magnetized plasmas.